Fixed Appliance Testing

Fixed appliances are hardwired appliances that are permanently wired into your electrical system. These are usually things like cookers or heaters that you cannot simply unplug and move around. It is generally agreed that anything over 18kg (39.6lbs) in weight is a fixed appliance.

The test will first involve a visual inspection of the appliances to make sure that cables are not frayed and that the appliance itself is in good condition. The earthing on the appliance will then be tested, then the insulation and finally the functionality. In many cases we will also be able to repair any appliances that are found to be faulty in some way. These are definitely checks that you will want to have carried out if you are a landlord or intend to rent out your home.


Why you need Fixed Appliance Testing

Is your business controlling its electrical risks or is there more you could be doing? Fixed Appliance Testing is an aspect of electrical testing which is frequently neglected by business owners and landlords but it is just as important as PAT Testing. We take it for granted that the fixed appliances we use constantly, such as storage heaters, cookers and hand dryers will be fine but, as with any electrical item which undergoes regular use is susceptible to wear and tear. Therefore, the importance of regular electrical testing of your rented or company’s electrical equipment cannot be emphasised enough from both a Health & Safety and liability perspective.


What is a fixed appliance?

A fixed appliance is an electrical appliance which is usually connected to the electricity supply via a fused outlet to which the flex is permanently connected. Fixed appliance examples are: storage heaters, hand dryers, cookers and machine tools.